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July 7, 2010
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Minties Lineart of Aki Colored by EsteIIe Minties Lineart of Aki Colored by EsteIIe
Ahhhhh~ I'm so happy to get this one done ^_^ It's a day late...but oh well. I still have the picture of Megurine Luka to do too DX I feel like a perverted old man when drawing it because...actually, no. i don't wanna spoil it XD and I'm not even talking about this drawing/coloring...w/e.

Anywho...This lineart is totally not mine (I wish it was >_<) it belongs to :iconminties: and the character belongs to :iconyovela: I give her credit for the awesome design but I'm sorry that I didn't feel like following the color scheme XD

I tried a kinda different style this time. I guess what I was trying to do was to make it look like there was a mega glare on a camera lens and there was a lot of sunlight :3 I love the hair and the wings and that's about it. The armor was somewhat difficult but overall I like the end result XD I found out how to do coolio effects in SAI now too! See the circle patterns used on the wings and highlights for her hair and stuff? To get that effect set a new layer to luminosity (look above the panel that is above the dial for opacity that says mode and next to it is a drop down menu) and then click on a coloring tool. Directly below the box that has all the tools in it there is a drop down menu that is probably labeled "Normal." Click the drop down arrow and select "Multiply." Now select a color that is similar to the area that you want to give a highlight to. Press down on the tablet or click the area (oh and if you are using a tablet set the Min size to 100%) and do a little circular motion until it make a ring without color in the middle.

Bleh I'm bad at giving directions when it comes to art ^.^;

But yeah I change the mode of my layers a lot for shading and doing highlights.

-sigh- time to continue drawing, color, upload, repeat.

Blank lineart of this picture here

Don't forget to download for a much bigger size if you wanna REALLY see the details o_o
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reqaro Jul 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Wow nice! Very sparkly and sunlit~
Yours is totally opposite from my version lol ([link]) xP
EsteIIe Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
lol it is really XD but I really like how you did the shading :) And the background is awesome socks! I can't do backgrounds for the life of me, well it's mainly because I don't do them very often. Thank you for the comment x3
Very nice coloring. Yup, definitely looks like there's a lot of sunlight.
EsteIIe Jul 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Eheh she has like no skin tone because there's no sunlight XD Thank you for the comment >w<
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